Annakkili Unnai Theduthe songs from Annakkili

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Annakkili, it is Annakkili with the introduction of Ilayaraja. sivakumar sujatha, ilaiyaraja Singers: Tm Soundararajan Lyricist: Panju Arunachalam People might think it is a rare combination of Music Director and Singer, but in late 70s, Ilayaraja used TMS for many of the movies. In my opinion, IR-TMS combination is one of the best combinations in Tamil Film Music. Some people comment TMS didnt sing this in folk style (like S.Janaki did the female version in folk style). But they miss to understand about the charactor singing the song. He is a school teacher from town and that needs little polishing in the words. I think Ilayaraja and Lyricist Panju Arunachalam were quite clear about this.
Added on Mar 6, 2011 by veeramani
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